February 17, 2017

Vengo Group and Weborama announced a partnership

Vengo Group clients have access to the targeting of advertising campaigns by using Weborama technology.

In January 2017 Vengo Group and Weborama signed an agreement to integrate Weborama Audience Manager (DMP) with a mobile advertising network of iVengo Mobile and network outstream video advertising Vengo Vision. Under the terms of the partnership agreement with the help of technology from Weborama the Vengo Group customers will be able to target over 100 audience segments for better contact with Mediascope audience.

Within such cooperation framework Weborama will provide Vengo Vison access to Weborama Audience Manager platform (DMP), which allows collecting, storing, transmitting and processing large amounts of information about users both on-line, and off-line. The system has more than 120 million unique profiles consisting of data about sex, age, social status and interests.

Modelling look-alike functional allows the audience to identify the most effective and narrow audience segments on the basis of all available data (own information base, behaviour on the site, clicks, the percentage of inspection and so on.). By combining the data obtained by the look-alike technology with Weborama data, you can create an unlimited number of audience segments.

Igor Eremin, CEO iVengo Mobile.
"Vengo Group and Weborama Partnership will allow making advertising campaigns of our clients more effective in the framework of the two directions of our advertising business. We are interested in the quality of data and believe that all three parties will benefit from such strategic partnerships: client data provider and media contractor".
, Maxim Krasovsky,head of the project Vengo Vision
"Thanks to partnering with Weborama, we have begun to hit more accurately the Mediascope audience for brands based on social demographic targeting and reached high level of VTR (average percentage of inspections). This was achieved with the help of strategies, selected together with colleagues from Weborama: the right creative, targeting of sites with a high percentage of inspection and relevant audience, as well as the choice of location and format. Now customers, who have placed campaign and applied again, may be sure that the placement of the result will be different from their expectations, as we are holding already created individual segments separately for each brand".
Angela Fedorchenko, Director General, Weborama Russia
"Platform Weborama Audience Manager (DMP) operates on the Russian market for more than 2 years, and we are glad to note, that in such short period Weborama took the leading position among companies providing technology for working with data. Last year was particularly successful: we entered into a 20 long-term contracts with major global and local brands, agencies and facilities, which is a significant indicator of the scale of the market. As part of the contract with each client we work out the strategy to work with the data, which is designed to provide a solution to their business problems. Weborama technological solution will allow Vengo Vision to generate new proposals, which are based on the use of efficient algorithms for simulation and audit data to maximize the effectiveness of the advertiser's location".

We would like to recall that a few days ago our holding colleagues, Vengo Group, premium video network outstream Vengo Vision, released a video that clearly explained the benefits of the product and use of audit Weborama segments.