For investors

We operate in a market that grows by 150% per year. Every year, the number of smart phones is increased by millions, and their cost is reduced.

Costs of advertisers for online advertising are already running second, after TV advertising, thus, being ahead of such media as the print mass media, outdoor advertising, and others. The traffic is redistributed at a tremendous pace from desktop computers to mobile. For many users in some regions a smart phone is now the only way to access the Internet and receive information, communication and entertainment content media.

Mobile becomes an attractive channel that can be used effectively for the promotion of any products and services as part of this eco-system. For 3 years, IVengo Mobile Company was not only able to collect the required amount of advertising inventory for major advertising campaigns, but also developed a technology that enables hundreds of mobile application developers around the world to monetize their traffic at the expense of advertising budgets.


We have a variety of data for analytics of the mobile advertising market, which were provided by world-famous research companies, such as Gartner, Comscore, Json&Partners. These data confirm once again that we operate on the lucrative emerging market. Several companies, operating in the US, Scandinavian and other markets, have already traded on the NASDAQ, or have a multi-million dollar turnover. We also understand that we collect advertising inventory, which may serve as liquid asset for any strategic investor, even with unstable cash flow. This makes our business even more attractive.

We are not looking for “money bags”, we are looking for smart money, which will help us to quickly scale the business and prepare it for sale or for the first public offering.
Igor Eremin CEO of iVengo Mobile


iVengo Mobile Company is interested in investment of Round A. The company's revenue in 2015 increased by 5 times, and by 2.5 times in 2016. We maintain our momentum, reinvesting all the funds in the development and expansion into new markets. Therefore, operating companies were opened in Kazakhstan and Belarus in 2016. Our investment managers have prepared a professional financial model and development strategy until 2020. We are ready to send all the required data to interested venture funds and strategic and private investors.

What we expect from an investor:

You can send a request at email, we will exchange NDA and provide all the information you need in a prompt manner.

  • smart money
  • technological expertise
  • connections in international sales markets
  • focus on successful exit without ambitions for obtaining control of the company.

One of the shareholders of the Company is well-known business angel Igor Ryabenky and Altair Capital.