For developers

Are you searching for the correct ways to monetize? Try advertising in mobile versions of websites and apps!

Formats unique for the market

We constantly develop our platform, improving technologies and increasing a range of formats, in order to make the monetization of mobile traffic most effective. By adding new interactive banners, we make the users’ experience more widely and more positive. All new technologies get into the application through SDK, which is the fastest way to integrate with the mobile platform. The formats in which mobile advertising is posted on websites and in apps have been already provided for different devices, so developers do not have to worry about its appearance.

It is free and easy

SDK integration does not require any additional costs from developers and web masters. We provide detailed instructions for each platform. Ads for mobile websites and applications can be integrated just in a few steps. Our documentation is always up-to-date and user-friendly. It also contains examples that can be just downloaded and launched for the use, in order to start the monetization of mobile traffic.


One of the advantages of our SDK is a semantic identity for different platforms, which allows you to work with multiplatform projects with no trouble. Thus, advertising on mobile versions of websites and in applications can directly appear even at larger publishers that have many projects under development. In addition, our platform supports the most popular operating systems (iOS and Android), as well as mobile versions of websites.

Nothing new that is a benefit

Our SDK meets world analogues by structure and internal arrangement. Developers who want to monetize a mobile app or website will not have to sit long and puzzle out on how to integrate into our network. In addition, advertising on mobile versions of websites and in applications gets directly to the user's device with SDK. Again, you do not require any additional resources and connections to monetize mobile traffic. See par. 2.

Several options for mediation

We offer an opportunity to connect to our network through such mediation services as MoPub, Admob, Adfox (for mobile websites), and Server-to-Server, in order to make the monetization of mobile traffic most effective. In addition, developers can integrate our SDK into applications written based on the popular frameworks, such as AdobeAIR and Unity, to start making profits on monetization of applications, games and mobile websites.

Ongoing Technical Support

If you still have any questions regarding integration or functioning of iVengo Mobile Platform, the developers of our SDK will always come to your rescue. Our technical support promptly responds to all inquiries and comments directly related to integration. It is sufficient to write at If you are interested in the ways to monetize apps for smartphones, advertising SDK for mobile developers, please write at