iVengo Mobile presented mobile advertising solutions at IAB seminar

4thof August yet another educational event of IAB called “All about Digital in a moment” took place in the conference hall of the association. At this […]

Performance mechanics in imaged advertising campaigns

30th July iVengo Mobile took part in Touch Mobile seminar organized by IAB Russia, association that the mobile advertising networks belongs to. The seminar about Performance […]

Mobile technologies at eDays E-Commerce Conference

July 4-5 in Moscow eDays E-Commerce Conference took place. The event was dedicated to E-Commerce business in Russia with a share of international experience. Igor Eremin […]

iVengo Mobile team took part in PLUS-Forum


iVengo Mobile explained the reason why mobile advertising doesn’t work

Vladimir Antoshin, Head of sales in iVengo Mobile, took part in mobile section of SPIC 2015 conference and explained why mobile advertising doesn’t work and how […]
AdvTech (432x274)

iVengo Mobile presented new technologies in mobile advertising

Igor Eremin, CEO in iVengo Mobile, gave a speech at the conference for media and advertisers AdvTech and presented brand new formats of the mobile network.