The company iVengo Mobile conducts advertising campaigns with large international brands several times per year.
According to the amount of self-connected stock, our mobile network is the largest in Russia.
By the second half of 2014 more than 500 mobile applications were connected to the network, and by the end of 2014 this list will be doubled.

Advantages of the work with iVengo Mobile:

- We are the network with an open traffic. In contrast to “blind” sites, our client always knows from which sites the user has come to the commercial. We not only provide the reports for every platform but also can optimize the advertising campaigns in real time.

- brand safety - Due to the clear traffic there is no risk of showing of the advertiser’s brand on the platforms with queer content

- We are not advertising agencies, we are not affiliated with publishing houses, TV-advertising sellers or communicative groups. We are the technology company, which understands all the principles of the work of media advertising market. That is why the chain advertising agencies choose to work with us.

-  We do not buy traffic from off-site webs or the generators of traffic. 100% of the traffic comes from the applications, which are directly connected to our platform. This fact guarantees the advertiser the placement, cross-frequency and the unified targetings across all the platforms in the context of one advertising campaign.

- we provide credits for advertising agencies and clients for 60 days (post-payment)

- we are premium mobile network, which offers the advertiser only the best mobile applications from world-known publishing houses and media holdings.

- our priority in the product’s set is rich-media formats with high commitment, which do not cause user’s negative attitude.

- we do not sell everything: CPI, CPA, leads, applications, SMS-list  are not our priority. We develop the branding line in the mobile sphere. The marketing tasks of our clients are not only the companies aimed at the conversion, but also branding companies striving for increasing of the loyalty and the authority of the brand in mobile channel.

- Besides media advertisement, we also provide special projects; we offer different types of integration and product placement for your brand on the leading mobile platforms.

To brand-manager, marketing specialist, media planner, buyer:

- in our company there is an order to answer to the inquiries of the client within 3 hours. If the question is difficult and needs detailed elaboration, we will reply within 12 hours;

- we will make up a media plan for you and prepare adapted presentation for your brand;

- we will tell you about the market of mobile advertisement on a personal interview, show the infographics, panel researches and the data of the leading international research companies;

- we will provide information about some of our cases.