• with limit frequency according to the unique users
    Our technology allows installing the integrated cross-frequency throughout all the set of the stock in the context of one advertising campaign. Regardless of the choice of the application list, we can show the commercials no more than two times a day to one unique user. The average indices of the frequency are F=2 or F=3.
  • according to GEO (country, region, city)
    This type of targeting is the most widespread. We can show mobile commercials in any countries all over the world. For example, we can spread it only in the cities with over a million population, or only in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, or just in Russia, etc.
  • according to the type of connection (wi-fi, 3G, 4G)
    ТTargeting via wi-fi is mostly used in campaigns with mobile video or with some “heavy” creatives to exclude pauses while watching the commercials.
  • according to the platform (iOS, Android)
    Targeting according to operational systems is used in different cases, for example, if you need to promote the mobile application, which is available only in Google Play. Also, you can use it if it is necessary to promote the premium-class product directed toward the owners of iPhone and iPad exclusively.
  • GPS (coordinates, square of the street, precise distance to the shopping mall)
    Targeting according to the coordinates is comfortable and effective tool the local commercials. It is often used for “product” campaigns and promotion of the medium-sized business. For example, this method can be used when you want to show the commercial with the new menu in the restaurant, which is located in the precise square of the street or not far from the shopping center and who know, maybe nearby the competitor…
  • according to the platforms (any selection of mobile applications)
    One of the advantages of the network iVengo Mobile is the opportunity to choose the applications the audience of which is the most affinitied to your marketing tasks. For example, if you own the motor show, you can define the particular list of the platforms from the category Auto, while removing the inapplicable audience. After the conducting of the campaign with targeting according to the platforms, you will assay the efficiency of each and every of the platforms.
  • according to the mobile model
    The unique targeting which allows to show the commercials, for example, only for the owners of Samsung Galaxy 5 и iPhone 5S.
  • according to the tablet’s model
    Similar to the targeting according to the mobile phone it allows choosing the definite tablets’ models for demonstration of the commercials.
  • according to the mobile operator
    Targeting allows showing the commercials only to the telephone subscribers of Megaphone, MTS, BeLine and other mobile operators separately.
  • according to the time
    If you want your commercials to be shown to people before they go to sleep or when they spend the time with their family, for example, you can choose the definite time for the demonstration.
I t is important to understand that any type of targeting allows to influence the core audience more effectively, but it reduces the traffic. So, if you want more people to know about your product, you don’t have to shrink the core audience. It will be better if you enlarge the coverage.

Due to our technology you can place your advertisement like in the example below:

The commercial will be shown to the user, who is in Saint-Petersburgh; is the telephone subscriber of MTS; uses the application via wi-fi; has got iPhone 5; is not more than 1 km from Subway; uses the application from 19 to 20 p.m. The commercial will be shown only once a day only in the application Arguments and Facts.
Determine the efficiencies of the markup for using targeting in our sales department.