iVengo Mobile advertising network is more than 500 mobile websites and applications of various segments. Our network already counts more than 60 million of users and more than 120 millions impressions per month. We run advertising campaigns basically all over the world: 70% of our traffic is Russia, 20% - CIS countries, 10% - non-CIS countries. We can place our banners both in applications and on mobile websites.

Our inventory includes famous media and huge publishers. In comparison to “blind” networks, we show all the information about placement, including white list of publishers. What is more, we are always ready to make a list of appropriate publishers on an individual basis.

Rambler&Co – Rambler&Co is one of the largest media holdings in Russia that includes famous news and entertaining media, various services and platforms, and also one of the hugest media-service web portals. Both mobile websites and applications (iOS and Android) of media holding are connected to the iVengo Mobile network. All available formats of iVengo Mobile are integrated in Rambler&Co publishers: fullscreen preloader, slim, scratch, cube and mobile video. Official figures show that overall audience of all the media of the group is 17,5 mio of users per month.

РRambler-News is a news aggregator with a collection of the most important Russian and world affairs. Information is gathered from 2,5 thousands of sources, among those are all leading local and foreign media, that are published in Russian. Coverage of the mobile website of Rambler-News is 8,1 million users per month.
Lenta.ru is one of the most visited online media in Russia that publishes latest news, personal columns, interviews and reviews on various subjects. The media gathers more than 11,5 million users every month. Audience of Lenta.ru is really diversified: both man and woman, of all ages and types of activities read news on a daily basis.

Afisha is a magazine about entertainment and leisure, monthly audience of which is 5 million users. The media is one of the largest catalogues of contacts of restaurants, clubs, museums, exhibition halls and shops in Russia and Ukraine. What is more, various analytical and informational articles for mass audience are published on the website.
Gazeta.ru is one of the eldest online media in Russia. Every day news and interviews with key persons of politics, business and culture are published on the source. Quantity of news exceeds 350 articles per day, and coverage of Gazeta.ru is 11 million of users per month. Both mobile website and application are connected to our platform.

Redigo.ru is a Russian website about traveling that contains all the information about sightseeing, events and culture of different countries. This media might be interesting for those who are going to travel or would like to find out more about other cities and countries. What is more, data from all Russian and world media, reviews and links to blogs about tourism are gathered at the website.
Championat is a popular media about sport. Exclusive content is published on the website, that covers the most popular sports: analytics, match statistics, photos and videos of events, and also live translations. 4,5 million users read the media monthly. This publisher would be proficient for sport brands, and also for providers of different goods and services.

Our mobile network has the exclusive rights on placement the advertisement in mobile apps of the leading Russian radio holding PMBC (Prof Media Broadcasting Corporation). Technologies of iVengo Mobile are implemented in the mobile apps of such radio stations as Radio ENERGY, Relax FM, Radio Romantika, Online Radio 101.ru, Humor FM, Detskoye radio, Avtoradio, CITY FM, Comedy Radio. All apps mentioned above are included in the premium media package for placement.

Mobile apps give users the possibility to listen to the music in applications, which are famous in Russia, in any part of the country. Any user can follow the air wherever he is, what makes all these apps even more popular. Furthermore, it makes coverage larger.

Audience of the applications corresponds to the traditional radio and depends on its content. All of the apps are available for downloading for both of the most popular platforms: iOS и Android.

Forbes is a famous printed magazine well-known all over the world. Its audience is successful people that are interested in finances, politics, business, lifestyle and technologies all over the world. Both mobile website and application are connected to iVengo Mobile network. Running campaigns on this publisher is a possibility to cover more than 5 million unique users every month.
RG.RU is an official website of famous paper on politics, economics, social - “Rossiiskaya Gazeta” with audience more than 15 million unique users per month. Its readers are assured, educated social group of age 24-34 years old. Mobile applications of publishing house are connected to iVengo Mobile network.

Echo Mosckvy is the first non-government radio station, one of the most established sources that gathers millions of listeners every day. Recordings of on-air programs, news on politics, economics and society, as well as blogs of politicians, entrepreneurs, businessman and many others are published on the mobile website connected to iVengo Mobile network.
It’s mobile website of the famous printed media “Novaya Gazeta”. News on politics, economics, analytic articles about social and cultural life of society are published on the website every day. Audience of the media is men and women of 25-45 years old that are interested in getting the information of high quality. All fullscreen formats are integrated to mobile website of “Novaya Gazeta”.

Expert Online is mobile website of Expert business magazine that was launched by the mediaholding of the same name in a year 2006. Informational agenda of the day in Russia and all over the world is published on the website, and also economical indicators and stock indexes are constantly updated. This media is focused on business audience with large income.
TV Centre is one of the leading Russian TV channels that are watched in 83 sub-federal units of Russian Federation. Еру channel covers political, economical, cultural and social life of the capital. Mobile website of TV Centre connected to iVengo Mobile network supports this concept. Audience is men and women, mostly of up 35 years old, with a medium income, and of different types of activity.

Official mobile website and application of Vesti.ru. The latest news that is available in the forms of articles, photos and video-reports of TV-channel: “Russia 24” and Vesti.RU. Live. It’s perfect for clients that are interested in large coverage, that is already provided by reputation of the publisher and the quality of the information provided.
“Arguments and facts” is an informational application with the best materials from the site AIF.RU. This publisher is included in the premium package of iVengo Mobile. Covered audience would be perfect for any advertising campaign that is targeted to user’s acquisition with different characteristics.

Official website of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” paper is an independent online media that is oriented to the audience of age 25-44 years old. Thousands of news, and also analytics, columns, photos and videos are daily published on this informational media. It allows the mobile website to attract diversified audience of both sexes and almost all ages every single day.
Russian News Service is mobile website of the informational radio and informational agency of the same name. It’s one of the most quoted radio station in Russia. The latest news on politics, economy and social life is published on the website. The media has broad audience that is interested in brands of almost all segments.

“Vechernaya Moskva” is city news media with the latest information on life of the capital. Also articles on economy, politics, society as well as the most important events in the country and all over the world are published on its website. Mobile website of “Vechernaya Moskva” is visited by 1 million of unique users of different sexes, ages and wealth.
Auto website “Avtovzglyad” is a theme-based online magazine with information on auto, recommendations, ratings, appraisals, comments and also road all over Russia. The media attracts 960 thousands of unique users per month, 70% of those are men of age 25 up. This publisher would be a good choice for auto brands, and also for those who are targeted to men with high income.

LifeNews is mobile website of one of the most popular informational online media in Russia. The latest news on politics, business, technologies, and society and also expert’s opinions on various subjects are published on the website on the daily basis. The media is read by very different audience that is interested in getting updated information within a short time.
3DNews is online media on cyber technologies. Audience of 3DNews is both amateurs of gadgets and computer games, and guru of informational technologies. Monthly coverage of the website is 3 million of users. Campaigns in the mobile website of 3DNews would be effective for those advertisers that need broad coverage all over Russia and CIS countries.

Cosmo.ru is official website of world famous female glossy magazine Cosmopolitan. 86% of its audience is women of different ages, incomes and interests. Every month the website covers about 4 million unique users all over Russia. This publisher would be perfect for those advertisers who are targeted to large female audience.
Mhealth.ru is official website of one of the most popular male magazines in the world - Men's Health. According to statistics, the number of page views was more than 5 million per month. This publisher would be perfect for famous brands that are focused on successful men of different ages and incomes.

Playboyrussia.com is official website of the legendary male magazine – Playboy, lifestyle media for men. Interviews, reports on latest issues , articles about celebrities, fashion and cultural events, and, of course, photo shoots of the most beautiful women and Playboy stars are published on the website. 90% of its audience is men of age 18+. Mobile website is connected to iVengo Mobile, and it covers all available rich media formats of our network.
Official website of glossy magazine OK! is a selection of the latest news on the world of show business, articles of celebrity columnists, reviews of latest things in beauty, and exclusive photo reports of the most notable events of high society. Mobile website is connected to iVengo Mobile. It’s possible to run campaigns in fullscreen preloader, cube and slim formats.

Afisha Eda is independent project of Afisha publishing house with a professional cooking website. Online version of the magazine aggregates thousands receipts of famous chefs and readers of the media. Audience of the website is more than 5 million visitors per month; among those are both professionals and amateurs of cooking.
Euromag online magazine is media about Europe with daily news, and also articles about business and holidays in this area. The magazine is focused only in European part of the continent: useful advices for travelers and businessmen, events, ratings, education and many more. There is a lot of information basically on any subject, what makes audience of the media so diverse.
Sports.ru is mobile website of the famous sport media of the same name. Online translations of games and statistics on more than 150 tournaments of different kinds of sport all over the world are published on the website on the regular basis. The website is one of the most visited media in Russian internet, and its audience is everyone who is interested in sport in general and certain types of it in particular.
KHL is official mobile application of the Continental Hockey League. Information on tournaments, news of the league, games results, statistics, photo and video, texted online translations are published in the application. This media provides full information for those who are interested in this kind of sport. The application is available for mobile devices on both iOS and Android platforms.

Mobile application of Sport Express media for devices on iOS platform that covers competitions of all kinds of sport, news and articles from printed version of the magazine, and also online translations of matches. Audience of the service is readers of online website of Sport Express, and also those who are interested in sport, what takes away any limits of sex and age.
Bombardir is mobile website of one of the most popular Russian projects on local and world football. News, schedules and results of matches, and also information about Russian and foreign leagues, teams, videos and many more are published in the media. Audience of the website is everyone who would like to be in touch with the latest news on football.

Sportbox.ru is the application concluding up-to-date sport-news, videos, schedules and results. When you got this application in you mobile phone, you always keep up on the news of popular sport and the results in real time. The application allows you to see the best photo-galleries and videos, follow the announcements of the events, statistics and schedule of games.
Mobile version of the magazine “Bolshoi sport” (the only sportive edition in Russia whose chief is the Olympic champion Aleksey Nemov) is both perfect informational source on sport and a publisher with large advertising opportunities. The application is available only for tablets with the Android platform.
Burda Style is mobile website of legendary Burda magazine, informational source about style, fashion and sewing. It’s world famous media with a target on women who’d like to look stylish and follow the latest trends. News on fashion, advices on style, makeup, and sewing and many more are presented on the website.
Official website of U Channel is a collection of the best content from TV shows and series for girls. Trailers of TV shows of the channel, news on show business, non-standard projects, articles about fashion, style and beauty are published on the website. The publisher would be interesting for brands that need to cover young active female audience in their advertising campaigns.

WMJ.ru is mobile website of the popular female online magazine Woman Journal (wmj.ru). The latest news and articles about fashion, beauty, style, lifestyle and show business are published daily on the website. Audience of the media is young, modern and successful women that lead an active life and are interested in getting information that is relevant to their interests.
Passion.ru is mobile website of female online magazine with a history of more than 16 years old. All subjects that might be interesting for modern woman are covered on the website: fashion, beauty, psychology, healthy way of life, holidays and leisure, and also career. The magazine is read by adult women with a good education that can successfully combine family and career.

JustLady is mobile website of female web portal JustLady.ru, online magazine about fashion and beauty. Information about fashion affairs, latest beauty trends, and also effective ways to keep body in a good shape are published on the website on the daily basis. Audience is women that would like to stay up-to-dated with the latest news and trends.
Super.ru is mobile website of the popular entertaining online magazine - Super.ru. The hottest news on the world of show business is published on the website: scandals, interviews, reports on events of high society and many more. Audience of the media is 2,3 million unique users per month, mostly it’s women all over Russia, and also in CIS countries.
You can find out all Moscow news in the application of TV channel “Moscow 24” and city-informational portal M24.ru. Various audiences, large amount of downloading and constantly raising number of active users. In the programs of different themes there are daily news updates, efficient video subjects, and most important events in the city.
LitRes is the largest e-library of e-books and audio books market in Russia and CIS-countries. All 7 applications of the series “Read for free” are connected to iVengo Mobile. The audience changes depending on the type of the application, so every advertiser can choose the most appropriate application for his product.

The mobile application of Julia Vysotskaya, famous actress, TV-host and author of recipe book bestsellers, would be perfect for those clients who are focused on female audience. This application has many different options of branding and advertising that makes the service really popular and quality.
We work with both applications and mobile websites. One of our web publisher is culinary website “Ovkuse.ru”. It would be perfect for those advertisers that are not limited only by exclusively female audience, but would like to cover larger groups of possible clients. Placement on this publisher is available only in the format of special projects.

Translate.ru is mobile application of famous developer of PROMT translators. It would be a perfect publisher for clients of traveling segment, but it’s not limited by one subject. The service can cover large audience that is interested in commercial of lifestyle and business segments.
SPEAR’S is the magazine which is dedicated to the publishing house “Medikrat”. As well as an original British version, the Russian SPEAR’S version is aimed to the audience of the rich and super-rich Russians and professionals who are engaged in private banking & wealth management.

Topface allows finding interesting acquaintances, girls and young men with similar interests all over the world. Among them it’s possible to find new people for communication, fun and maybe for something more. As a result, the audience of this application can be very various what makes any placement possible.
Mobile website of Pin.me is a user friendly service for keeping and viewing of images online. The main advantage of this publisher is absence of any limits regarding to the subject, what gives opportunity of placement of any advertising that will certainly find its audience.

iVengo Mobile is a premium provider of advertising in mobile application and websites that is available in various formats. Managers of the company are always ready to make a list of publishers that corresponds to the requests of a certain brand or product to make advertising campaign in mobile applications and websites effective as much as possible. The opportunity of following the conversion online allows fixing the campaigns to achieve the best results. Advertisement in mobile applications can be customized in various settings, what makes achieving of necessary rates possible along with placement on famous publishers. Are you already interested in mobile advertising with iVengo Mobile network? Email or call us now!