iVengo Mobile formats are different types of advertising banners for placement in applications and mobile websites. They can have different features: size, functions and interactivity. Each of the presented formats give brands an opportunity to get the most out of mobile devices. A banner appears right after a mobile app was launched. We offer to choose from our several the most popular formats taking into account goals and concept of your advertising campaign.

Our formats


Fullscreen Preloader

Fullscreen Preloader is the most widespread image format. It is shown in the first seconds while you launch the mobile application. Due to the technology, HTML 5 can be entirely interactive because it contains several active links, videos, audio, etc.

Slim banner

Slim banner 320x50 is the most popular format in the mobile advertisement. It is considered to be a standard for the most mobile campaigns together with the image format. Most commonly Slim banner 320x50 is used in the content of an application, for example, in the news.

Cube banner

Cube banner is an interesting solution of the image format that allows to brand 4 directions at a time in the context of one advertising place. This helps to promote different product offers. Cube-banner is an interactive analogue of prizma vision that is used in outdoor advertising.

Scratch banner

Scratch banner is a unique rich-media format with the high level of involvement. The mechanics of the demonstration corresponds to Fullscreen Preloader, but the advertising message will be shown only when the user wipes the banner’s protective layer/cover. The banner intrigues of the user, and represents the creative format with play-mechanics.


Mobile video is Fullscreen Preloader analogue that gives an opportunity to place any clips to the fullscreen. The advantage of this rich media format has been already done justice by the advertising market. From now on a video can be integrated both in smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, negotiation process of technical requirements is minimum.

Fullscreen video banner is an analogue of Fullscreen Preloader that allows to place any videos to the fullscreen.

Video banner 320x320 is the most widespread format of video commercials, similar in the size to the format of the cube banner.

Video banner 320x50 - is the most reasonably priced format of mobile video.

* all the mobile videos in the network iVengo Mobile correspond to the international standard MRAID (Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions) for mobile rich-media advertisement and specifications VAST (Video Ad Serving Template). Due to this, the process of the agreement of technical requirements is reduced to a minimum and is clear for large sellers and distributors of video-commercials.