Core audience:

The package consists of the best mobile applications from sport, fitness and health categories. Millions of people use them every day for losing weight, making yoga, jogging, riding a bike and fixing their results. We have combined dozens of applications. Audience, which uses these applications, takes care of the health and is interested in everything which is connected with active life ….

Recommendations to brands:

FMCG, producers of sport clothes and equipment, travel and tourism, fitness studios, etc.


Total traffic including all the applications and platforms of the package is less than 10 mln demonstrations a month.

Possible periods of placement and price:

Minimum period of placement: 2 weeks
2 weeks – 1 500 000 rub. including VAT (not less than 1 000 000 demonstrations)
3 weeks – 2 500 000 rub. including VAT (not less than 2 500 000 demonstrations)
4 weeks – 4 300 000 rub. including VAT (not less than 4 000 000 demonstrations)

Examples of the mobile applications from the package:

Examples of advertising campaigns of the brands that have already been used this package:

The information about the entire list of the applications and the conditions of the placement you can obtain in the sales department in Moscow (tel: +7 495 981 00 01), or put an inquiry to