We work on the market that grows 500% per year. Annually, the amount of smartphones increases by millions, and their price is getting lower. The expenses of the advertisers for the placement of Internet-advertisement take the second place after TV-advertisement, leaving print mass media and outdoor advertisement behind. Increasingly the traffic is being spent more on mobile than on desktop computers. For many users in regions smartphone is now the only way of connecting to the internet and getting information, communication, and also the device with entertainment content.
In the context of this eco-system mobile becomes an attractive channel. It is possible to use it effectively for promotion of different products and services. The company iVengo Mobile for a year and a half could not only collect the necessary amount of advertising stock for conducting considerable campaigns but also develop the technology. Due to this technology hundreds developers of mobile applications all over the world can monetize their traffic at the expense of advertising budgets.
Several companies that work on American, Scandinavian and other markets already trade on NASDAQ, or have the turnover of many millions.
Also, we understand that we collect the advertising stock that can be a liquid active (asset) for every strategic investor, even in the situation of unstable cash flow. It makes our business much more attractive.
The company iVengo Mobile is interested in A round investments. Our investment managers have prepared the professional model and the development strategy till 2016. We are ready to send all the necessary information to venture funds, strategic investors and private equities, who are interested in our work. You can send an inquiry to us using e-mail: invest@i-vengo.com. We will exchange NDA and provide all the information you are interested in.
We are not looking for "money pocket", we are searching for smart money that will help us to raise the business and prepare it for sale or the IPO.

With respect, iVengo Mobile team