Press and reviews

  • The rapid growth of the mobile commercials is connected with the popularity of mobile devices and the extensive use of the mobile internet. According to eMarketer the amount of the users of mobile phones in 2013 was 4,3 billion people.
  • The number of mobile web-sites and applications grows faster than the brands inquire about the advertising space on the screens of the mobile gadgets.
    Stephany Bagdasaryan, Gartner
  • The use of the geotargeting and the integration of the content enhance the perception of the message, which was created for the concrete place/time and event.
  • Increasingly the advertising budgets are being spent on digital content, in particular mobile advertisement.
    Igor Eremin, iVengo Mobile
  • In 2018 the amount of the wearable devices all over the world will be increased eight times and come to 176,9 mln of gadgets. The average growth rate will be 52%.
  • Multimedia and video commercials increase the level of collaboration.
  • In 2014-2015 the advertising agencies choose the partners among the specialized mobile technological platforms (the purchases of the companies are possible) and create the mobile strategies for advertisers.
  • Last year iVengo Mobile conducted nearly 40 advertising campaigns for large international brands. This year the number is supposed to double. The company has contracts with all large chain advertising agencies, and its clients are the majority of brands which we see on TV every day.
  • iVengo is the project that uses the concept “faster, higher, stronger”. The founders did not reinvent the wheel. They just carried the thing they are good at and put their knowledge to the new platform.